While surgery has become a more common solution for women seeking to enhance their busts, it isn’t for everyone. Many women would rather try a less invasive, safer and more discreet method if possible. Here we find the innovation that is modern breast creams.

Some women find that they’ve always wanted a fuller or firmer bust line, while others may seek a solution after they notice a difference in their breasts before and after weight loss.

Whatever the motivation, there’s a lot of curiosity surrounding these creams and the results they seek to produce.

What is Breast Enlargement Cream

Breast enlargement creams may also be referred to as breast growth cream, breast firming cream, or any of the many variations. But what exactly are they?

They’re topical creams applied directly to the bust and they attempt to enhance the user’s bust by including a variety of ingredients that firm, plump and otherwise enhance the breasts.

Often the best breast enlargement cream may contain many of the same active ingredients, although the concentrations and specific combinations vary from cream to cream. However, we understand that you might be hesitant to try out breast creams. After all, it’s normal to be wary of the things we apply to our body.

However, rest assured that all the products we will discuss here are safe to use and won’t cause you any problems.

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#1 – Naturaful

Naturaful is one of the best natural breast enhancement creams available on the market. It has a high potency formula that contains several herbs and plants known to produce results in breast enlargement.

Naturaful's high potency blend contains Kava Kava, Wild Yam and Dong Quai root, just to mention a few. These natural mastogenic herbs signal to the body that it's time to trigger breast growth.

Because of the potency of these mastogenic plants, Naturaful gives users greater results in less time than less concentrated breast creams. When using Natraful Breast Enlargement Cream, you can expect to start seeing results in about 6 to 8 weeks.

Although some women report having measurable results even sooner than that. Given the quality of the results, it's a pretty short time period to have to wait for those that are already eager to enhance their busts.

That being said, it's recommended that you continue using Naturaful for up to 6 months to get optimal results. It's easy to apply and as we mentioned before, the directions recommend applying it in a massage directly after a warm shower.

Another attractive feature users love about Naturaful? It has a fresh, light scent, unlike other over perfumed creams that quickly become irritating.

Overall, we've reviewed Naturaful's breast cream and determined that it's a high-quality cream that provides real results, all without chemicals and unnatural additives.


#2 – Breast Actives

This breast enhancement cream is actually part of a dual bust enlargement system. It comes as a pair with natural breast enhancement supplements in capsule form.

Breast Actives uses only 100% natural ingredients in both products. This is a big bonus to women who have veered away from both creams and supplements due to worries about chemicals they may contain.

It's received a lot of attention not only for including a dual breast enlargement combo, but for actually delivering real results. If you're looking for a safe and effective way to enhance your bust, Breast Actives delivers the boost you need.

While Breast Actives comes with two products (cream and supplements) in a single kit, the company markets their product as a three-step program that ensures successful bust enhancement. The first two stages of the program are, of course, the supplements and cream.

The supplements should be taken with a full glass of water either before or after eating breakfast. The cream should be applied in small amounts to your breasts every morning and massaged in thoroughly.

The last stage of their program is a uniquely designed breast enhancement exercise regimen. All three steps are recommended to get maximum results.

Altogether, Breast Actives provides a truly comprehensive system for women that want to enhance their bust and don't want to have to turn to chemicals or surgery to do so.

Many women really like the three-step program, as it gives them ways to visibly produce results in three ways. It also offers better and quicker results than many breast enhancement creams or supplements when used alone.

#3 – Total Curve

Total Curve is a revolutionary new breast enhancement system that's getting a lot of buzz for the results women are seeing after using it. It's still totally safe and natural, so don't worry about that.

The supplement actually contains a series of phytoestrogens, which makes it even more effective. The supplement blend also gives you a lot of added benefits on top of breast enlargement.

It contains vitamins, herbs and antioxidants that promote better overall breast health while also helping with women's health issues. Instead of the typical breast enlargement cream, Total Curve includes a clear gel to be applied to the bust.

The enhancement gel is the real mold breaker in their system. The main ingredient in the gel is something that is pretty much unique to the breast enhancement market. What is it? Volufiline. Basically, the gel absorbs into the skin and stimulates the fat storing tissues in the breasts.

The effect is called lipofilling and it's getting real results for women that want a bigger bust. Not only that, it actually improves the skin of the breasts by moisturizing, toning and strengthening the collagen that keeps breasts firm and lifted.

How does Total Curve rank among the breast creams and systems out there? It ranks very, very well. Like Breast Actives, it contains a supplement and cream enhancement system.

Likewise, it allows women to enhance their breast size with two methods that work both from inside the body and topically with direct application. It's gotten a rave following for the impressive results it delivers and the bonus effects it has in firming and lifting the bust as well.

How Does It Work?

You're probably wondering:

Does breast enlargement creams work and if so, how?

Well, it does and we've got the why and how behind it so you can see how breast creams work too. Breast creams work by combining special ingredients that absorb into the skin on the bust area and cause the enlargement or lift.

How they do this tends to be a mystery to many prospective breast cream users. The concentrated ingredients work by adding to the breast area via the cream absorption. It then goes to the inner cells and glands of the breast.

The fatty tissues of the bust are then enlarged and show a visible difference in volume. These breast enhancement creams add to the adipose fatty tissue in the breasts. This, in turn, allows for greater storage of fatty tissue mass.

While it isn’t a full biological enhancement, it delivers the results women are looking for by adding to the fatty tissue of the bust. Adding fatty tissue solves the issue that many women face when losing weight, as they usually notice a reduction of their breast size as a result.

The added mass and capacity for fatty breast tissue earns a bonus benefit of lifted or firmed breasts for many women. Some breast enhancement creams are also marketed as a breast lift cream or as a bust firming cream.

These creams typically contain the common ingredients that are shown to be effective for increasing bust size as well as ingredients like collagen or vitamins C or D. These usually tighten skin and improve its condition.

What are Natural Breast Creams?

They’re pretty on par with what you’re probably thinking. Like any other breast enlargement cream, they enhance the user’s bust with ingredients that firm the skin of the breast area while also adding to the fatty cells of the bust.

While a breast lifting cream won’t improve the body in any actual biological sense, it will show a visible enlargement and enhancement. The difference between a regular breast cream enlargement and a natural breast enlargement cream is that the natural creams are typically organic.

They don’t contain unknown chemicals and are generally made up of a base of plant extracts and blended herbs. The main natural ingredients that these natural creams contain are usually fenugreek and saw palmetto, among others.

For women that are hesitant to try other bust enhancement creams because of the chemicals and additives they could contain, natural breast creams provide some reassurance.

These natural alternatives allow you to enhance your bust without having to turn to other creams that you may not be ready to trust.

What are the General Key Ingredients?

Dong Quai root is also known as the ‘female ginseng’ due to its properties that benefit many aspects of women’s health. It helps to regulate the hormone estrogen and provides a significant boost in breast enhancement supplements and creams.

Grown in China, it’s been used for thousands of years to treat women’s health. Dong Quai root already has a significant following in Southeast Asia.

Saw Palmetto
Found naturally in the Caribbean and South America, Saw Palmetto has been used for a long time as an aid in feminine health and in breast enlargement.

It also achieves this by helping trigger female hormones, in this case, prolactin. This helps stimulate breast tissue growth and milk production in breastfeeding mothers.

Blessed Thistle
Thistle, also known as St. Benedict’s Thistle, is now widespread worldwide although it originated in the Mediterranean. Although it is weed-like in appearance, it’s actually a very helpful herb for many various health issues that range from detoxifying the liver, to treating PMS and menopausal symptoms.

It also helps increase breast size by encouraging the body to prepare for lactation. This, in turn, increases breast size, as breast tissue augments to be able to store more milk.

Damiana Leaf
Damiana leaf is primarily found in Mexico, Central America and the southern regions of Texas and California. Aside from acting as a hormonal regulator and libido enhancer, it also affects estrogen levels in a way that makes breast enlargement one of its greater functions.

That’s because it’s considered a ‘phytoestrogen,’ meaning that it is a plant that reproduces the effects of estrogen in humans.

Wild Yam Root
Wild Yam Root is found in its native region, stretching across eastern North America from California to Canada. It is currently used frequently in producing progesterone, a hormone found in many contraceptives.

While it began its use as one of the first contraceptives, it's now recognized as a helpful plant for supporting breast enlargement.

Fenugreek is another plant that produces potent phytoestrogens that the human body translates into estrogen. Primarily produced in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, it has been used for centuries to stimulate female hormones and assist with milk production and breast enlargement.

Fennel seeds
Most people are familiar enough with fennel as an added seasoning, but it promotes a ton of health benefits too. Originally found in the Mediterranean, fennel seeds are now produced nearly worldwide.

These seeds can be used as a digestive aid or to provide relief from cramps, in addition to enhancing breast size. Check out this article on the web for more detail about the active ingredients and about healthy breasts.

How to Use Breast Cream

Breast enhancement creams are applied topically and not meant for ingestion. While many of the ingredients may be similar to oral breast enhancement supplements, other trace ingredients may not be.

Before beginning to use a breast cream, it’s important to ensure you’re not going to experience an allergic reaction, even if it is a natural breast cream. To do this, just choose a small area and apply a small amount of the breast cream to the area.

Most people use their forearm or near the inside of their elbow. Then, let it sit and absorb. It’s best to give the cream 12 to 24 hours to sit before you apply the cream to your breasts.

Watch carefully for any signs of a negative reaction, such as rash, redness, swelling, burning, or irritation. If you wait the allotted amount of time and don’t notice any reaction, it’s safe to use the cream.

Make sure you carefully read the directions and warnings included on the cream to look for any potential side effects before you use it. Also, be sure to read the instructions, as many breast enhancement creams contain similar instructions but may have specifics that vary.

While it may not be specified in the instructions, it’s a good idea to apply it after a warm shower. This helps your skin absorb more of the cream because the warm water will help open your pores and ultimately result in more of the cream getting put to use.

Once you’ve dried off, you’re ready to apply your new breast cream. Just make sure you give it ample time to absorb before you have to get dressed.

When you apply the breast cream, it’s better to go in a circular or a spiral motion as you work the cream into your skin from the nipple outward. The technique for applying the cream is often referred to as ‘massage’ or ‘breast massage.’

But in reality, you need to be methodical and thorough to get as much cream as possible to absorb. The most important areas to pay attention to are from the collar bone down and through the ribs to just under the breasts.

You will need to apply the cream to each breast individually. This will allow you to use your opposite hand to thoroughly apply the breast cream.  

Raising your arm allows you to apply the cream around all of the bust area, which is where fatty adipose breast tissues are found. Especially focus on the space between your armpit and the bulk of your breast mass.

Working in a spiral direction outward from the nipple, raise one arm above your head and use your opposite hand to massage the cream into your skin.

Where to Buy the Best Breast Enhancement Creams?

With the market oversaturated with breast enhancement creams claiming to deliver results, it’s hard to deduce what actually works and what you should give a try. We realize it can be difficult and that’s exactly why we created this guide. Not sure Where to buy , check out any of our product pages!

We want you to get a fair, impartial review of the best breast enhancement creams that actually work. We’ve done the research and gathered everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

After you’ve finally found the product you’re ready to get, it can be even more frustrating to try and find a venue where it can be purchased.

Instead of searching online directories, e-commerce stores, local shops, overseas sites and basically any other place that sells creams, we’ve made it easy for you. You can purchase the top breast enhancement creams that we’ve researched and reviewed right from this site.

No more searching, no more stressful choices and no more sketchy unverified sites. We’ve got everything you need to know about bust enlargement creams, so make your purchase right here. We guarantee that your information is safe with us and that your order will arrive on time.

So, Should I Give it a Shot?

When you’re looking to enhance your appearance and overall confidence with a product, you may be on the fence about making the leap and trying it out. So, should you give it a shot? Absolutely!

We realize that not all breast enhancement creams were created equally and so, we’ve made sure that all our featured bust enlargement creams make the grade.

With natural ingredients, you can rest assured that you’re not getting synthetic ingredients and chemicals you can’t hope to identify. These creams are safe, natural, non-invasive and discreet ways to enhance your bust.

Our featured breast enhancement creams show real, verifiable results that you can attain too. These creams have been studied in clinical trials and are shown to deliver visible results without negative side effects.

If you want a more feminine figure and want a natural way to enhance, firm, or enlarge your bust, you’ve found your solution. These high-quality breast enhancement creams can give you the improved bust line you’ve dreamed of - and likely a new confidence.